Teach4HK’s aim is to recruit most promising future leaders of all academic disciplines and career interests who demonstrate the core competencies to positively impact student achievement and become long-term leaders to effect systemic change in education. 

Target applicants: recent university graduates or master’s students

Application and selection process:

Recruitment process2

2015-16 Recruitment:

We have received over 100 applications, most are high quality applications with outstanding students from diversified major in top local universities and overseas universities.

Data recruitment

Some of our applicants are from/have been on exchange to these top overseas universities:

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Queen’s University
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Cambridge
  • University College London
  • University of Miami
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Western Ontario

Training and Developing Fellows

In order to prepare fellows to become teachers in classrooms, a series of pre-teachers training will be arranged for them throughout the summer. Ongoing training and support will also be provided to the fellows.  

2-month Summer Training: When fellows report to duty in July 2016, they will undergo a 2-month Summer Training Program by education professors and experienced teachers before they could embark their formal teaching in September 2016. Trainings include:

  • Teacher Training: 
    Fellows will receive teacher training such as classroom management from experienced teachers and university instructors from education faculty. We will partner with the Faculty of Education of Chinese University of Hong Kong to design a curriculum.
  • Leadership & Career Development Training: 
    We will invite our business volunteers from our Advisory Council / Young Professionals Committee to conduct workshops on skills training for Teach4HK fellows.  

  • Sessions/Visits to Partners: 
    Fellows will also meet or visit TFHK partners to explore themselves in  different areas related to education. 

  • Voluntary Teaching Practice: 
    In order to gain the hands-on teaching experience, fellows perform volunteer teaching at Sheng Kung Hui  Youth Centers regularly throughout the summer.







  • Ongoing Support and Trainings: After fellows start teaching in the classrooms, it is important for Teach4HK to build a strong support infrastructure for them so that fellows have the necessary resources and guidance to effect changes in the classrooms.  Support Infrastructure are delivered in (a) Curriculum support by existing teachers (b) Classroom Management Guidance (c) Career Guidance (d) Administrative support

Teaching Placement

teaching placement

After the summer training, Teach4HK fellows will be placed in the form of Full Time Teacher and perform teaching duties in the classroom. On top of the stipend, Teach4HK will also bear the recruiting, training, support and career development cost for the fellows and thus partner schools will have additional teaching help at no cost. Fellows will sign an employment contract with total living subsidies of HK$100,000. In 2015, we have lined up three partner schools for the pilot scheme:

Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School

Photo: Mr. Lau Chun Hung, School Principal

ChingKok Principal

HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School

Photo: Ms. Yau Mei Sze, School Principal

TW Principal

Tseun Wan Trade Association Primary School

Photo: Mr. Chau Kim Ho, School Principal

There are other schools in the pipeline that are interested in joining our program. In 2016, we will continue to partner with these three schools and expect to expand our program to include six partner schools in total. 


Teach4HK believes that to help low income students to improve their university admission rate or widen their career options, the foundation knowledge for core subjects of the students are integral. Thus, Teach4HK Fellows will share burden from existing teachers and co-teach some classes. Each fellow can be assigned to teach subjects relevant to his or her academic background.

By being responsible for a particular class, fellows can fully access students’ learning process and can also engage in a mentor-mentee relationship with students to guide them.

Diversified Learning Projects

With social entrepreneurship training, Teach4HK fellows would leverage their diversified academic background and design learning projects as extracurricular activities for students. We believe through this, fellows can fully engage the students and develop their learning interests. This will also lessen the workload of the regular teaching staff at the partner schools.

Life and Career Education

With their own experience of getting universities’ admission, Teach4HK Fellows would contribute to career guidance of underprivileged students as well as enrich students’ horizons. Teach4HK as an organization would also leverage our business advisors to help our fellows design school programs such as company visits and job shadowing.



Leadership and Career Development 

Not only does Teach4HK recruit fellows to teach at schools, but also aims at nurturing fellows as future social leaders and lifelong advocates for education in various fields. Therefore, Teach4HK provides leadership and career opportunities for our fellows as explained in below.

Alumni impact:

TFHK aims to help fellows develop a high-impact post fellowship career. We believe having attractive post fellowship opportunities is the key to attract the best talent in Teach4HK fellowship program. Thus, apart from the trainings to provide career guidance and introduce various post fellowship opportunities.

Option to continue teaching career:

The fellowship program is a 2-way change experience. As much positive change as fellows bring to classrooms, the teaching experience will also effect a change on the fellows. Around 50% fellows of similar programs overseas continue their career as teachers in schools. We are confident that Teach4HK can achieve similar outcomes. Thus, fellows in sourcing teaching positions depending on their needs either in partner schools or other schools.

Career training:

If fellows decide to explore a non-teaching career, necessary resources will be provided by Teach4HK. A dedicated business mentor will be assigned to each fellow to help drive the fellows’ career plan. Apart from that, Teach4HK will organize various events for fellows to participate and learn about post fellowship opportunities.

Employer partnerships:

In order to ensure attractive post fellowship opportunities are available for fellows, Teach4HK will partner with various corporate and graduate schools to promote Teach4HK and secure internship and job opportunities.

Teach4HK’s team has talked to various business leaders regarding to our plan and many have shown support and will be able to offer internships or job opportunities for our fellows. Our core team also has experiences running internship programs and campus recruiting in global investment banks and thus can leverage our network to help the fellows.

Alumni network:

No matter what path the graduating Teach4HK fellow takes, we believe Teach4HK will have trained and developed a cohort of future leaders with passion in education who will then make contribution to the education sector in whatever capacity. 

Similar programs overseas have nurtured a strong network of alumni, who work at every level of education, policy and other professions to advocate for education. Many founders or leaders or education organizations were also part of these teaching fellowship programs. Teach4HK targets to achieve a similar outcome and help build a sustainable talent pipeline for Hong Kong’s education sector.  

Thus to start the momentum, we will start forming Teach4HK Alumni Society once we have the first graduating batch of fellows in July 2016. Teach4HK aims to create a network for these young people with passion in education to be our next generation of leaders.  


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